Monday, April 21, 2008

originally posted on a secret message board:

i missed out on the magic thing since like what? 1994?? but there's something about this that is calling to me at this point in my life. i think it's just perfect.

so i'm going to head over to this place this week and pick up some cards:

i don't know if anyone played this game in another life and wants to take their deck and play me??? i'm totally into it.

here's a longer shot, is anyone interested in getting some cards and learning with me??

i found these AMAZING videos on youtube which were not only AWESOME but really informative and makes the rules a lot less daunting.

the cast is spectacular. cool purple shirt guy with cool facial scruff and some sweet plugs and a sexy dark personality. green shirt chubby funny redhead. wacky funny. and semiasian smart comfortably sexy chick. and of course monster big hair deep voice machine dude.

they got it all covered!!



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