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Omnipotentchirp Cast got MUCH too big for the likes of BLOGGER.LAME so we have moved on! Please check out our whole new revamped site at: (you guessed it)


Please change your bookmarks accordingly. We'll have pics, vids, links, and all that good internet content that's going to keep you coming back for more!!

Thanks again!


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I'm still sick. It's like, what... Wednesday? I woke up sick on our podcast day, Sunday, and had to bail out. So what did Katie and Peter do? They came together to do a "how to make a podcast" videocast. Now, I don't know this for sure, but I think they were drinking. Heavily. I also don't know this for sure, but I think those cats do have dander.

Bad news: No regular podcast this week. Incredible news: If you are a subscriber (still early enough to be considered an early adopter) you'll get a high res video sent right to your computer/ipod. Oh, technology. Give me a kiss. Now give me some thigh.

So if you notice, OmnipotentChripCast has it's own youtube username. You know that just equals trouble. Please continue to check back for more updates.

NEXT WEEK: HALLOWEEN CAST THEN ELECTION CAST! Then back to business as usual. Bullshitting about nothing.

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quick blog update, more to come later!

shamecast is cathartic. it's cleansing. please post your shames or e-mail them to omnipotentchirp@gmail.com

episode 8: Shamecast

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first off, to our subscribers we're sorry for the lack of a minichirp last friday but i think this will more than make up for it. let's just go straight to the link, shall we??

episode 7: Slide On Your Lipstick and Let All Your Hair Down

ok, so this is our first ever ENHANCED podcast. which means, you download it, and pictures appear as a beautiful slide show. i think links pop up and stuff too. looks great on my MICROSOFT ZUNE. although we're STILL not listed in the ZUNE MARKETPLACE. what the fuck??

well, this episode is all about my favorite karaoke night started by a my friends will and caleb. it's all about the love of karaoke and it's all about getting shitty finding love in all the wrong places.

for those who refuse to check out the enhanced podcast here's a few little gems taken by OmniChirp's own Peter Galassi.

hope you loved it. every second of it. as much as we loved making it.

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what other podcast are you listening to that is bringing you such quality week after week after week?? 6 episodes in 6 weeks, 4 minichirps. you've got to be kidding me. it's like when john henson was hosting talk soup daily and then they had the special weekend talk soup to follow it all up! what have you done to deserve such greatness?!

you're rolling with the podcast big boys now. hook your ipod up in your decked out 1994 M3 pretend you're blue collar and listen to episode 6! sportscast!

episode 6: they're soy-fed

it's the way sports should be approached. no facts. no scores. just stupid opinions based on rumor and what we hope is true.

this was recorded a few weeks prior, but i'd just like to set the record straight: fuck the mets.

BIG NEWS: OMNIPOTENTCHIRP will be recording at LOBO KARAOKE this coming Sunday, the 5th, please bring as many as you'd like to join in on our festivities. Who knows? You might even end up on the podcast! 9pm! 188 5th Ave, Park Slope Brooklyn!

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I can't believe we're at week 5 already. Plus all these minicasts... it's like we're the real deal or something. By the way, if you haven't subscribed yet, or are a new listener, you're really missing out if you haven't done so. The minicasts are getting much love and they're a great pick me up on that shitty Friday commute to work.

We're very interested in more feedback so please feel free to do so here, on our iTunes page, or at omnipotentchirp@gmail.com

Episode 5 is a fun one. It's just me, Peter, Katie, and Caitlin remembering sad moments from our pasts. You're going to love it. I might be overselling it, but I think I can say with no hesitations that this is going to be your favorite podcast of all time.

episode 5: Has Anyone Been Caught Making Out in the Lunar Lander?

And for our true fans here are some pics from episodes 3 and 4!

Producer Katie at the helms of the Omnipotent Chirp Studios. (Currently running a sweet mixer bought from a famous DJ, modded PC case with water coolant system, Windows Vista, Protools, beer, Mets, Cubs, etc)

Special Guests Claire and Aaron. Fan favorites.

Co-Host extraordinaire, Caitlin Nagle. Probably rippin' the snark on the tops.

"Where's Peter and Tim? Keep checking back!"

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sorry this update took so long. ever since viacom's death grip was released from my throat I've been searching for what to do with my life. Yesterday I woke up super early got a little shitty and went to the XM studios to see Opie and Anthony. I was hoping something crazy would happen that I could talk about on the podcast. Turns out, that really didn't go down. But it's a great intro to our 4th episode:

episode 4: The Beautiful Awkwardness That Follows

just so we're clear here let's talk about how the OMNICHIRP schedule is looking now of these days.

new episodes go up late night Monday morning so our subscribers can sync up on Tuesday morning for their awful commute into their dead end jobs. (We're here for you!)Tuesday morning we'll put it up on the blog with the show notes and all that fun. Then if we have a MINICHIRP it will go up late Thursday for your early morning FRIDAY SYNC. Friday we will mention it on the blog but NOT post it here. You know, you got to be a subscriber on iTunes to get the super secret good stuff.

Now that we have that taken care of. Let's talk about the most recent show:

Uh, yeah. It's a played topic and we go off on it.

Bro time. You know, when dudes get together to hang out.

Ira Glass joins us in the Chirp Studios as we discuss his and other NPR programs.