Monday, November 19, 2007

My grandfather loves films and gets a big kick out of the fact that I work in "the industry". Unfortunately, my end of the industry spectrum usually falls in reality television. The dregs of American Culture. Nah, fuck that, I'm not going to blame everything on America. Human Culture. My grandfather sent me a birthday card recently with this this memorable qoute:

"To my favorite Grandson who's employed in 'The Vast Wasteland'". Referencing the Newton Minow quote from the 60's. Sharp as a fucking tack that man is.

Sometimes I'm taken aback on the accuracy of his summation of television as a whole. Sometimes I can't believe the power that television has as a medium and what it turns out.

I had a come to jesus this weekend. The Real World was my Jerusalem and Isaac was my messiah.

Some background info. The Real World is on it's 38th season. This year it is in Sydney Australia. Everyone fucks everyone. Everyone is white hot, in that "abs and tits don't look at their face" way.

Apparently Isaac has taken a lot of Acid back in his "wild days" and has the occasional flashback where he sees birds flying in the room he's in. Normally he sees tropical birds. You know, fun. Pretty birds that make you think about islands, fruity alcoholic drinks and unobtainable bartenders.

However, being burnt out isn't all fun. Sometimes it comes with a consequence, and this consequence is that he's now a medium to the spiritual world. When a vision of a black bird comes to visit our pal, he's not thinking of Bonnaroo and Phish shows. This is because, the black bird, is the bird of bad news. Someone close to him has passed. Turns out, he saw one, and the bird didn't lie. His grandfather passed away. (The black bird is 4 for 4 for anyone keeping track.)

Mtv not only picked up on this storyline, not only discussed in detail that it was from a result of an abuse of mind altering drugs, but also managed to CGI the imaginary black bird into a scene equaling the most surreal experience I've ever witnessed on ANY program daring to claim that it is based in any concept of reality.

You can watch the entire episode here aptly titled "Seeing Birds".

Mtv has something here. This needs to be optioned for a one hour cop drama to go up against Medium and Ghost Whisperer and that one that starts with a "P". He sees a different kind of bird for every kind of crime there is. He gets with a plethora of hot slutty bar girls. And of course, has a special parrot that hangs out in his subconscious at all times called "Trails" who's constantly trying to get Isaac to trip with him.

"Aaack! Come onnnnn maaaaan! I'm fucking FLYING over here breah!! Listen, just down a couple of caps and we can listen to the new bootlegs I got! Shit, at least do a tab with me and come to the Oysterhead show! AAAACCCK!!!"


Frank said...

he's still got it. the boy's still got it

keith said...

this was a good talk. this was a good talk.

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