Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wait a fucking second. WAIT A FUCKING SECOND.

What the fuck is this?! This fucking shit is on right now (CW11). It's a "reality show" about pranking students... but the students are actors? Not like, "these are our acting students, they are awkward and only wear stained black t-shirts of the logo of the play they did in the 8th grade". Like "I'm a douche bag from Southern California and my mom let's me skip school so I can go to castings and I got this gig on a fake reality television show brought to you by Office Max". In this episode they're pranking the band kids? AND THEN THEY GET REWARDED WITH A CONCERT FROM THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS. This is the end of everything. This is 100% the worst fucking thing I have ever seen in my life. (I actually mean it this time) There's a fucking mallcore kid who does a screaming thing WEAAH EWAAH WAHEEHH WWAHH !!!!!


There's something going on here and it's fucking scaring me. Has anyone else seen that fucking Kohl's commercial where all the super cool kids have wacky hair cuts and thick black framed glasses and the girls have shotgun blasts and the dudes have the swoop and they all have all over print hoodies that zip up all weird? Yeah dude.

I can't to see a fucking sitcom on ABC and the son is sporting skin tight jeans and a Municipal Waste shirt. (I still like them, for the record)

I went to Salt Lake City for like, um, 2 days. Interesting thing about that city. Not very big, kind of run down. Had an awesome book/comic/record/venue joint where I bought American Hardcore and Charles Burn's Big Baby. Then I went to some bar that was under Kinkos, bought my membership card, and tried to get wasted. It didn't really work. The bar was filled with a roller derby team. That's basically everything I did.

I ate at Chilis and Friday's.


(s w e d)


my name is nagle said...

i just remembered watching that kohls commercial with you late (?) last night and being freaked out by the intensity and hate behind the words, "I don't need you cause I'm awesome"

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