Thursday, July 26, 2007

I've recently got over a slight case of sunburn on my legs due to exposure to the mean unforgiving long island sun. It was rough going there for awhile but I made it out alive. If anyone is interested in the wallets that I'm now creating out of the dead skin that pealed off of my body, get in touch.

Last night, I was walking past a bodega near to my apartment that I pass on a daily basis. A clerk who I'm familiar with was walking towards the subway after an undoubtedly long shift. He caught the eye of an extremely overweight unattractive woman in her mid to late thirties walking with what I presumed to be her daughter. He shouts to her:

"Hey! How are you this evening?"
"Oh, I'm just fine" She replies.
"That's good, that's real good. Where you going?"
"Home." She's quick and to the point. Her tone insists that he stops asking questions.
"Oh yeah? That's good. Where's home? Where's your man?"
She doesn't skip a beat "Home is home and he's at home sleeping."
He laughs "Ok, that's good. Goodnight."

Did this man have any interest in this woman? Clearly he did from his line of questioning, but did he think anything would come of this interaction on the corner of Bushwick and Grand? His voice was suggestive and his questions aggressive. It was the "where's home?" line that got to me. Seemed creepy. Well, to be honest, the whole thing is creepy.