Monday, July 9, 2007

But I did see the 77BOADRUMS event as a whole and it was great. 77 drummers playing 7 piece kits, on 7/7/07. Adorable. But in that "can't hold it against you" kind of way. This was THE outdoor event of the summer thus far and to be honest there were a lot of staples missing. Hacky sacks, drug rugs, dr seuss top hats, any thing that glowed. I personally blame Vice's attachment. Apparently it's not "cool" to want to take home a light up necklace and a "ghost dog" leash from a boredoms show. I'll show you smarter is.

Here's some highlights from my camera phone!!! (Sorry for the quality, vids were taken from my camera phone!!!)

Aw! Look at everyone playing in unison. It's harmony and magic. Except I heard Lightning Bolt dude started getting all flashy and shit. Calm down man, we know, we know, we know.

So how do you conduct such a motley crew? (no one from motley crew was present) Easy, try a giant neon pink pole that you hit pedal steels with. And at one point he was using a trident. And I'm pretty sure that was the "time to kick ass" pole.

I walked away feeling as I do after I leave most free city run events. Lucky, that I live in such a town where I can spend an afternoon watching something of worth. Sick, from sitting out in the sun where my Irish skin has now turn into a pulpy mess which now lays dead, pathetically covering my muscle tissue. And of course sick again from the 4 beers I pounded to get a buzz which quickly faded into a nice steady nausea for the remainder of the night.

After vomiting in a Latin restaurant in Ft. Greene, Caitlin and myself returned to her apartment where I viewed the film THE BOURNE IDENTITY for the first time. And you know what? That's one hell of a little action flick.

Damon's an amazing "Wha-- what the?! But I'm Joe Shmoe! How can I diffuse this bomb, whilst breaking this guy's neck, whilst I take note of every license plate from every car that drives by!!". Jackie Chan ran that game a few years back, but then The Tuxedo killed all that. WAY TO GO JENNIFER.

Heyyyy, ok, I want to talk about movies again! Let's do that next time!!


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JW said...

Except I heard Lightning Bolt dude started getting all flashy and shit. Calm down man, we know, we know, we know.

Chippendale was playing a fast break to keep the tempo for the rest of the group. That's why he was number 77.

my name is nagle said...

you puking in Bonita and trying to eat pork enchiladas afterwards was heroic.

me crying about the red chili sauce was wimpy.

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