Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Guess which!!

While The Soprano's were insulting their audience (for the 1,000,000 time) Vince McMahon did as he always does. Give the audience what they want. And what did they want? The best death scene of all time.

McMahon's character has become SO evil and SO hated over the attitude days till now there was literally nowhere else for him to go. I mean, fuck, he was the fucking champ of the ECW.

So what has he done here? He's injected some life into a product that has become stale. We now get to go through a "Who shot J.R./Mr. Burns" type adventure. Which, most likely will be terribly lame. But there's a silver lining:


They never "found" the body. SO what I hope and pray for is simple. He comes back from the dead (see: Undertaker, Kane) and comes back as Super McMahon (see: Super Shreder).


keithpops said...

one can only hope Super McMahon wears razor blade shoulder pads

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