Monday, June 4, 2007

So it turns out that the gentleman on the left is out of the closet. Shocking.

I mean, it was obvious even in his role as Niles Crane. I mean, come on, we never even saw the bitter cold bitch that was "Marris" and Daphne was never attractive. Even with that accent. And wasn't she supposedly a clairvoyant in early episodes?

Daphne : Clairvoyant :: Smithers : Black

Sex and Frasier seem to go hand in hand. The show was just basically a vehicle to get Kelsey Grammer's shirt off as much as possible. And him to have sexual relations with an obscene amount of mildly attractive 40somethings.

Kelsey hates shirts. I can't think of any other sitcom in the history of television that would go out of it's own way to present the main charicter opertunities to expose his chest. You know, besides Baywatch.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Turns out I have a lot to say on the Frasier subject. A subject that many of my friends are sick and tired of hearing about. There's just something about this show that gets me. I have some goals when it comes to this series such as making a youtube vid of all of Frasier's best shirtless scenes, writing a fictional short story about how Kelsey and the creators came up with the shows original concept, and finish my fan fiction.

Oh, what's that? You'd like a sample? It would be my pleasure. (It's obviously written in Frasier's first person)

I sat in my beautiful tanned leather couch slowly sipping on glass of vintage Palo Cortado sherry. I let it's intoxicating bouqett take me away to my most recent trip to Madrid. Ah, Isabella and I had the most amazing time there. Walking on the gorgeous banks of the Manzanares river we discussed everything from religion, politics, to our feelings on Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen. And of course we made deep passionate love under the night sky. Fraiser, you old dog, you really let her have it that time. Her orgasm was so intense she was completely exhausted and slept until after noon. I remember her hands slowly petting my glorious chest hair as I looked to the heavens above and wondered what all the other women I've had sex with were doing at that very moment.