Tuesday, October 7, 2008

first off, to our subscribers we're sorry for the lack of a minichirp last friday but i think this will more than make up for it. let's just go straight to the link, shall we??

episode 7: Slide On Your Lipstick and Let All Your Hair Down

ok, so this is our first ever ENHANCED podcast. which means, you download it, and pictures appear as a beautiful slide show. i think links pop up and stuff too. looks great on my MICROSOFT ZUNE. although we're STILL not listed in the ZUNE MARKETPLACE. what the fuck??

well, this episode is all about my favorite karaoke night started by a my friends will and caleb. it's all about the love of karaoke and it's all about getting shitty finding love in all the wrong places.

for those who refuse to check out the enhanced podcast here's a few little gems taken by OmniChirp's own Peter Galassi.

hope you loved it. every second of it. as much as we loved making it.


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