Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what other podcast are you listening to that is bringing you such quality week after week after week?? 6 episodes in 6 weeks, 4 minichirps. you've got to be kidding me. it's like when john henson was hosting talk soup daily and then they had the special weekend talk soup to follow it all up! what have you done to deserve such greatness?!

you're rolling with the podcast big boys now. hook your ipod up in your decked out 1994 M3 pretend you're blue collar and listen to episode 6! sportscast!

episode 6: they're soy-fed

it's the way sports should be approached. no facts. no scores. just stupid opinions based on rumor and what we hope is true.

this was recorded a few weeks prior, but i'd just like to set the record straight: fuck the mets.

BIG NEWS: OMNIPOTENTCHIRP will be recording at LOBO KARAOKE this coming Sunday, the 5th, please bring as many as you'd like to join in on our festivities. Who knows? You might even end up on the podcast! 9pm! 188 5th Ave, Park Slope Brooklyn!


Bri Guy said...

Don't know whether to write a book on your comments with the Yanks or to just say death by chocolate...

Puck Grabbing Story:
Well I was at an Islanders game, and this was actually in '93. The place was packed, and the puck hops over the boards (where the nets now block the pucks from coming over) and this husky guy pretty much bull rushes this little girl of no more than 10 years who was going for the puck, bumps her over and snags the puck. The entire section was booing this guy mercilessly and he just at first was looking with a "I GOT THIS FAIR AND SQUARE" look. With people continuing to boo the shit out of him and scream at him, he actually left instead of giving the puck to the girl.

Cheating in Little League:
Back in my jock days I was most definitely into pitching. I had requested to be on a different team than I originally was selected for to be with friends and it was approved. Well when I played the team I had left before the start of the season, the coach tried to stop me from pitching claiming that I was pitching before a mandatory rest in between games. Supposedly the league had a rule that once a player pitched, there had to be a X number of days rest period before they were eligible to pitch again. This whole fiasco turned into a 20 minute argument while the coaches screamed at each other. I wound up pitching and shut them out, and I believe that I might not have waited the resting period and therefore maybe I am a cheater!

HGH however is not cheating in Little League all the time. If you look this up actually, you will find rule 42C clause III in the international portion of little league baseball guidelines that although this behavior is frowned upon, it's up to the individual leagues to set rules. My league allowed it and quite a few players engaged in this act. Crazy shit huh?

ryan manning said...

the next night we ate whale

doh said...


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