Wednesday, September 3, 2008

well, it's here. week 2 and we bring in the big guns. like desert eagle style big guns. sure, it's a hand gun, but if you don't watch out the recoil will break your nose. and that totally fucks up your face.

episode 2: "the pepsi challenge"

big thanks to that place near peter's that made me the "gringas" which made me puke right before we recorded this.

show notes:

also, thanks to lex wahl for being so cool.


pat said...

I enjoyed the cast. I now know that wii isn't cool anymore. the first 30 secs. of that f'ed up people show however, kind of blew you guys away, but only after i had listened to your delightful comments about it, so who's to judge really? keep it up.

Bri Guy said...

Second episode! Alright...don't think I've gone AWAL on you guys...I decided to wait until I had a nice ice cold brew in hand to write a little response...

So intervention is something that I never have sat down to watch but heard much about...Until I watched all the parts to the Dust Off episode...


There's one thing that sort of bothers me about these shows, and that is the fact that it seems like they want to produce these things to make people feel better about themselves. It really goes against a lot of how people perceive their lives as being so "stressed out" and too "crazy". Now those people get to look at this show and actually feel like they are above that. Whether it's the over-privileged doped out, then they can say "Wow, they really don't know what the REAL world is like" to the bottom of the barrel people that you can say "Oh wow, how low people can sad and confusing that people can get to that point", one way or the other you feel better about what you are doing. By the way:


I don't know, somewhat of a weird interpretation...

The TNT funny shit and Staples button shit...this is sick and should be shut down...

Wii...fuck your views on the Wii...While you jerks waste time on your Halo 3 XBox 360, I'll be spending way less money and enjoying fun games on the Wii, games that have a ton of replay hours more than other games out there, and be perfectly happy with my Wii. So what about cutting edge cell processors with 8 cores, or Blu Ray nonsense, call me old fashioned but games are for fun, not spending 100 trillion hours learning aspects of a game only to admit that you know maybe .1% of what the game has to offer?!?!?! Hey I'm going to go bowling...ON THE WII THAT IS...Actually wait, are you just bitter ponens about the Ice Hockey Nintendo game that I downloaded on my WII?!??!

Now the Mojave Project ... I feel that both sides, Microsoft and the consumer are getting out of hand with Vista.

I'm talking about the average consumer that really knows nothing about Vista but knows enough about the criticism of Microsoft to be like "OH I CANT USE VISTA I THINK OF GARGAZZLEBUTTLES AND SNARZALOTS SLOW VISTA DOWN MICROSOFT BOO MICROSOFT SUCKS ABALABALABALABAL." Then you have an overanxious, oversensitive Microsoft at this point that feels like they have to do something to cover-up the Vista mess.

I've been using Vista now for over a year. Pre-SP1 release was definitely shaky. Although I never felt helpless or frustrated, I was a little annoyed about some drivers not being available yet and copying/cutting and pasting files from one drive to another was very slow. Fast forward to post SP1 and those issues are all resolved and I'm now tired of all the Vista bashing. I'm not the biggest fan of Vista, but I hate to constantly hear crap about it.

If you're a Mac fan knocking Vista, the only argument you have is that their newest OS is native 64-bit. If you want to talk about speed though, you have to remember that Apple's least expensive computer outside the Mac Mini is 1000 bucks or above. I would hope that people wouldn't compare a bargain based 300/400 dollar vista machine to mac's lowest grade computer. Security is inconsequential, why? Because if OS X controlled 90% of the computing world, you can sure as hell bet on the fact it would be pelted just as windows is now. Attack the majority or minority?

Alright, I'll stop, I'm definitely an Apple fan! I just hate the constant and unrelenting knocking of Vista. I could go on for hours about this, but will save the bytes of data that will be used in storing this reply.

Overall another fun episode guys! Good job! Look forward to the next one! Go Islanders! DEYEAH!

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