Tuesday, August 26, 2008

we'll be getting a RSS feed and itunes bullshit set up very soon, but for now just check out this link for the first ever episode of the omnichirp podcast:

episode 1: "sham or a hell beast"


tim m: host
caitlin n: cohost
katie m: producer/editor
peter g: show runner

in this episode we get really deep on issues that have never been touched on before on the internet. like other podcasts, and the dark knight, and napolean dynamite.

let me know what you guys think. next week: a whole new episode. we're really trying to make this happen.

links to stuff we talked about in the episode:

anything ghost - lex wahl's podcast
jay and jack - lost podcast with jay and jack
haunted new jersey - haunted nj podcast
frappr - frappr map
y so srs - dark knight

if there's anything i forgot let me know


Bri Guy said...

What up! Just finished listening to the first episode and I laughed, I cried, and I at some points wanted to just puke my gizzards up into the gutter of the street.

My first comment will be on if an average person can have a ghost tale to tell. There's no way an average person can have such an experience. You either have some crazy connection to the forces beyond human comprehension like the almighty John Edward, or you are a fucking lunatic that should be put in a padded room, drugged mercilessly, and forgotten about. Nevertheless I'm going to admit that I can definitely get entertained by such stories.

My second comment goes to your five billion hour rant on the Dark Knight. Now I'm your average joe schmo with movies, and I know nothing about cinema beyond just sitting back, scratching my balls, and enjoying flicks (preferably while being drunk).

My whole say on this movie is that the only thing I fully agreed with you guys on was the sonar debacle. I believe my brother and I at the end were just annoyed at the fact that we wanted to actually watch the fight between the Joker and Batman and not have a narrated fight with strange effects blurring the action screen. Maybe I'm a "typical ignorant movie-goer", but I was definitely entertained by the movie as a whole. The boat scene was totally inconsequential, agreed, but instead of getting hung up on it I just dismissed it, but dismissed it with a little better feeling about mankind and criminals. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and I went out and started a new system like "Pay it Forward". If you are interested in this let me know...OH YEAH! The racial comment you guys threw out about the one criminal - you considering it racial is preposterous. I don't know about you, but I just looked at him as a big fucking dude that was convicted of a crime. I didn't put skin color into the equation. Maybe you guys are the racist bigots for thinking that way.

One concern I had since I first knew they were making another Batman movie with the Joker was that it was going to be a ripoff of the Jack Nicholson Joker. I think the Joker was portrayed in a cool, different, and successful way than the first Batman surprisingly. Not to say it was better, but it was well done. For such a high budgeted, highly amped, and lengthy film, it fared much better than other movies at this level (like the Star Wars movies). Oh yea, if you want to see the best movie ever, check out The Patriot and you will see amazing, historical film making.

Finally, Napoleon Dynamite. The movie made me laugh, but it definitely turned into an overbuzzed phenomenon. I'm sorry, but I laughed pretty hard at certain things like when Uncle Rico says he can throw a football over the mountains. Or how about when Diedrich Bader's character's kung fu instructional scene. And my favorite part, my favorite part was...and to add a little British, my favourite part was when the guy did the favourite part

Anyway, good job and congrats on your first podcast! The audio quality was very nice. Clear crisp voices with the clarity that the Family Matters theme song piano had. I look forward to hearing the next one and disagreeing with more of your sarcasm with my glass of wine and cheese at my side.


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